Scott is simply, hands down, a 10x engineer. His work ethic is amazing, and the amount of work and quality he can output far outpaces the overwhelming majority of others in his field. On top of this, what makes it more distinct to me, is that despite Scott’s staggering skill, he is without ego and not a primadonna or “high maintenance” person. Scott is consistently dedicated to pushing the capabilities of not only himself, but his team, and his organization overall forward. Scott’s dedication to standards, best practices, and efficiency are truly invaluable, and he partners with other groups amazingly well in order to showcase technical capabilities, options, and different methods to solve or address an issue. He also possesses strong creative skills, allowing him to work amazingly well with creative teams in order to optimize an approach or plan that allows for even more creative options while ensuring technical viability and long-term support and maintenance.

Additionally, Scott is an amazing mentor to junior engineers, and the overall team and organization. Scott consistently leads others in both thought process, but also overall work, and provides mentoring as to the best way of doing things at the time. More specifically, Scott has always been quite good at helping non-technical people understand technical issues presented with requirements or wireframes or comps, and helps inform those other teams to understand the capabilities and issues with a given scenario in order to streamline and improve the offering or ideas.

On a personal note, Scott is one of the best people I’ve worked with, especially with regards to brainstorming. Over the years, Scott and I (as well as numerous others) were able to bounce ideas off of each other to find new approaches, new inventions/patents, workarounds, and overall bluesky ideas.

If this recommendation has not conveyed it, let me be precise: Scott is one of the best hires I ever made, if not the best, and I would jump at any chance to work with him again at any point in my career. His skills, expertise, thought processes, leadership, and drive will be an immense boon to any organization, any team, and any project.

Joshua Rhoades – Senior Technology Director in the Los Angeles Area

Jason DealI have worked with Scott for nearly five years. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, funny, and thorough. But what has always impressed me most about him is his commitment to solutions. Hire him, because your website or your software will break, and the documentation will be incomplete and incorrect and somebody will have failed to use source control and people will say it’s not their problem and the executives will call you and yell at you and your company will hemorrhage money. And Scott Morgan will fix it. He won’t make excuses and he won’t ask silly questions, he’ll just fix the problem and write down what he did. He is eminently reliable and dependable and I desperately hope I work with him again.

Jason Deal – Seasoned Product Manager, Lead Web Producer, Leader, Fun-Lover

Jeffrey PrestonScott is the first Flash engineer I ever met that really understood the importance of SEO and how to build dynamic Flash sites that are very SEO friendly. During our time here at Disney, I have seen him build engaging Flash sites that are very fun for kids but also are crawlable to the search engines. Although Scott is a rockstar as a Flash developer, he is also very easy to work with and can come up with options to meet my business needs and SEO requirements. I highly recommend him.

Jeffrey Preston – SEO Manager at Disney Interactive

Scott is one of those rare individuals that everyone wants on their team. He knows how to solve problems and how to solve them fast. Scott is very up to date on technologies and all things related to his role and those in the Flash/Flex community. He is always quick to pitch in help whenever asked/needed and does not shy away from some of the largest problems that can come up. I would recommend Scott to any company that needs a serious team player that can work in any dynamic environment. I would be happy to work with him again in a heartbeat if for some reason one of us left Disney.

Steve Polk – Senior Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Company

Scott is an exceptionally well versed Flash expert. Having worked with him on several projects both small and large, his passion and wealth of knowledge shine through every time. Dedicated and willing to put the pedal down at a moments notice, Scott is simply a great guy to have on any team; oh and he’s also a pretty darn’d good foosball player.

David Gluzman – President & CTO

I worked directly with Scott on a few projects during our time at Critical Mass. Scott is a superb Flash developer that truely understands the larger picture of the web. His ability to balance being a manager as well as staying up to date on amazing code writing techniques are what makes Scott stand out from the rest.

He is a great guy to work with and would be a strong asset to any team.

Jim McFadyen – Technology and Search Director

Scott sacrificed a great deal for the Rolex projects, and his passion to provide a solid product showed in everything he did. His desire to forward the Flash development practice at Critical Mass brought the group from stalled performance to a clear direction of innovation and inspiration. I was sad to see Scott leave for Yahoo!, but I could not argue that the opportunity was nearly impossible to pass up. I look forward to the time when we can work together again.

Geoff Sowrey – Solutions Lead at The Evans Hunt Group Inc.

Scott is the guy to make anything happen! He’s easy to converse with when it comes to the technological side of how a design could work. Very well informed and up-to-date on current technology and trends.

Caryl D’Souza – Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design & Strategy at Creative Passion

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